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Three Friends

There is something to be said when a friendship lasts over 25 years, but it says even more when 3 friends make it that long. They live in 3 different states, and have still managed to keep it together.

In late September 2019, they decided to take their love of crafting to the next level. Miranda had a small page for her bows and custom vinyl work, Heather had her mason jar wall art and candles, and well, Tonya, she just needed a hobby! So TMH Creations LLC was born.

Their logo was inspired by a tattoo that they all got in 2007, while Tonya was home on leave from the Army. It symbolizes the bond between the three women, in age order and favorite color (TMH). Clearly Tonya is the youngest ;)

TMH Creations intends to put your pocket book first, while maintaining quality goods and service. They will strive to ensure that costs are kept low, ensuring the savings are reflected in their prices.

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